The use of digital media and mobile applications to improve e-communities


The project focuses on enriching of existing local and social communities by digital media and mobile applications. It’s based on collaboration of several universities and enterprises from European Union countries.The Competence Center Services of Society team is engaged in this initiative together with science staff from such well-known and prestigious institutions as Aachen University in Germany  and University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.

The main concept of the project is on the one hand the development of innovative digital media features and mobile applications meeting the specific needs of already existing local, social communities and on the other hand the development of strategies for the digital media enrichment of local, social focused community approaches.

The developed concepts and features of the project will be subsequent tested in real-world scenarios. Therefore, the project  will enrich three different existing communities located in different European countries. The different communities considered in the enrichment cases have been chosen because they feature a strong local focus and they are not yet transformed into an optimized digital market place. Furthermore, in each community different members´ requirements regarding target course and digital features are demanded. In this context each community regarded within the project needs an individual, digital enrichment based on the given requirements and circumstances. Based on the different enrichments arranged within each community a transformation strategies will be construed that can be adopted by other local and social communities that are not involved in the project. In addition these transformation strategies will help local communities to enrich themselves by the use of the innovative digital media features and applications developed within the project.

The project aims to enrich local communities with various innovative digital media features and applications:

– Service Specification Wizard provides an easy to use way for consumers to specify their service needs by combining structured service description with easy to capture multimedia data. Iterative specification of service needs; Modularization and Standardization of offerings, enabling semi automated matching of supply and demand.

– Semantic Search Module integrates different existing semantic document management methods focussed on multimedia files to generate a new comprehensive approach, whose centralized supply is a significant improvement to empower a large amount of communities to develop towards digitalized marketplaces.

 – City Helps Feature: In times of ailing local authorities urban projects (e.g. planning and realizing a playground) cannot be realized. The urban planning and improvement is suspended. With City Helps ideas are not only generated by citizens to raise quality of life within the neighborhood, but also realized. The technical innovation is a combination of a mobile application and crowdsourcing elements to raise the success of realizing an idea. It covers not only financial aspects but also manpower, material and other resource needed for an idea.

– Real Time Augmented Reality App: Development of an application for real time augmented reality (AR) for the customization of an outside environment. The research and development work is going to carry at the same time on the tracking of buildings or places of life in an outside environment and without markers, the real time positioning of 3D objects and textures by managing in an automatic way the rules of positioning and the adaptation of the ambient lighting and the implementation of mask of occlusion by R&D on algorithms of analysis of the ambient luminosity.

Apart from the development of innovative digital media features and applications the project will develop a holistic strategy that allows already existing, local communities to transform their community into a digital marketplace without external support. Within the duration of the project both the developed digital features and the holistic transformation strategy will be subsequent tested in real world scenarios in the four enrichment cases.