Monitoring the trainingand organizational process as well as financial academic sport institution in using a dedicated platform

Training Concept. Three Arrows Hitting the Center of Green Target on Black Background.

The project fits in with the strategy of the development and promotion of sport university, which points to the need of developing and implementation of  monitoring and control of learning processes and organizational and financial system based on computer support .

The main initiator and originator of projects are employees of the Academy of Physical Education in Wroclaw, whom Competence Center Services of Society team started cooperation with . The primary goal of the project is to develop an encapsulated computer support system . Therefore the objective of CC S4S team will be giving scientific support and advising in the process of designing, production and implementation of the prototype platform, as well as results of the evaluation of  platform launching and  promotion of these results.

The project includes activities focused on the implementation of design-process approach, the test launch of an interactive website used to test the level of standardization activities of sports clubs and a platform that facilitates effective coordination between actors involved in the sports programs . The design-process approach implies the possibility of improving the organizational performance management and building standards activities by using economies of scale. The project approach is a methodology for efficient management of club events. However, the process approach is a methodology of building an organizational system, allowing the concentration of clubs activity in creating value for the internal customer – an athlete, coach, manager, doctor, physiotherapist or psychologist and external – Fan and stakeholders, that is, among other universities.

The expected result will be a modern solution for the organization of work, based on the design- process approach. Achieving and innovative results of research ( at national level ) to improve the professionalization of university sport in the field of ability to monitor the effectiveness of the organizational, financial and sports by designing , manufacturing and testing of a prototype of an interactive website and platform is to be expected . Tools running on the basis of designing and process organization system will allow the club to attract and partial analysis of data in real time ( via mobile ICT system ) , which in turn will help to improve organizational, financial  and sport effectiveness of sport clubs, which will be reviewed in the post- project evaluation . The evaluation results will be widely promoted in the environment and  actions will be taken to implement them .

Based on improvement in the efficiency of cooperation between the parties involved (using the platform)and organizational effectiveness improvement (using the design-process approach) it can be said that the project may contribute to changes in the functioning of the academic sport.