Active Retiree and Golden Workers Gate (ActGo-Gate)


Duration: 1.12.2014 – 30.11.2017

Total budget: 3 027 594 EUR

Wroclaw University of Economics – Institute of Business Informatics budget: 375 000 EUR

The Active Retiree and Golden Workers Gate (ActGo-Gate) project is dedicated to the generation that comprises mature workers, also denominated as golden workers, and active retirees, including people that exited the labour market yet are still active and engaged, as well as people being in the process in between.

This group faces multiple challenges. Forced early exit from the labour market due to “youthism”, a “deficit model of age”, and unsuitable work conditions lead to plans for early retirements or ”second careers”. On the other hand, the group of golden workers and active retirees also has lots of potentials: Increased freedom and opportunities in terms of time, finance (at least for many) and space as well as abilities, skills and experiences that are unique and demanded turn this group into an attractive workforce for different companies and organisations. Further, they are motivated and eager to get or stay engaged and participate in meaningful activities.

The vision of the project is to create an ICT based marketplace supporting entrepreneurship, self-fulfillment and social participation for golden workers and active retirees. The project aims to create a transferable model as gate for different occupation modules. The model builds on local social marketplaces (existing local communities or social network sites) that serve as a basis and starting point for developing three occupational modules, starting with an established user base and along existing structures: “Serve the community”, “Flexible occupation”, and “Get involved with organizations”, that will start off in three different pilot regions.


The objectives of the project focus on:

– providing a platform for self-determined, flexible participation in different contexts (paid and unpaid), leveraging self-entrepreneurship and social participation of golden workers and active retirees.

– integrating marketplace with intelligent matching of supply and demand allows situational and individual management of occupation with little time and effort

– mobile applications allowing flexible, anytime/anyplace and easy to use access to the platform.

Platform that’s going to be analyzed within the project will provide end users with easy access to this integrated gate and enable them to offer their skills, abilities and experiences to other community members or companies. To integrate the occupational modules with the existing local social marketplaces, a modular approach is targeted for the technical realization. It will further offer tools for efficient transactional occupational operations (coordination of appointments, customer feedback and quality assurance, documentation, invoicing, payment handling, reporting etc.), both for professional as well as informal activities.

Golden workers and active retirees will receive mobile and non-mobile tools to support their daily work, e.g. adaptive and context-aware mobile applications based on NFC (Near Field Communication) that allow (semi-) automation of different tasks as documentation, confirmation or rating. This ICT-enabled end-to-end support of all parties involved is supposed to be crucial for the economic sustainability of local occupation systems. Online social interactions facilitated by social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

The ActGo-Gate project partners are:

  • University of St. Gallen, IWI, Switzerland
  • Wroclaw University of Economics – Institute of Business Informatics, WUE, Poland
  • Entwicklungszentrum Gut altwerden GmbH, GAW, Germany
  • Business Engineering Institute St. Gallen AG, BEI, Switzerland
  • Alster Service Center GmbH, ASC, Germany
  • Benevol, BEN, Switzerland
  • Clavis IT, CLA, Switzerland