The first working meeting of Act-Go Gate project partners in St. Gallen

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The first working meeting of Act-Go Gate project partners in St. Gallen

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At the beginning of February took place the first working meeting regarding the project called Active Retiree and Golden Workers Gate (Act-Go Gate). The meeting was attended by representatives of all the project consortium members i.e.: University of St. Gallen, Wroclaw University of Economics, Entwicklungszentrum Gut altwerden GmbH, Business Engineering Institute St. Gallen AG, Alsterdorf Service Center GmbH, Clavis IT and Benevol.

Our University was represented by Wieslawa Gryncewicz from CC S4S team. The meeting consisted of two days discussions and presentations concerning the Act-Go Gate project.

The main goal of the first day meeting was detailed partner discussions on the aims and objectives of the project, fit with Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL JP) objectives and partner priorities. During this day the project aim and objective were devised as well as the clarification of organizational issues was specified.

At the beginning of the second day took part the discussion about three planned pilots, interest for partners and (technical) feasibility. This resulted into amended/improved all partners’ agreed understanding and linking objectives for the project pilots.

Following the clarifications and agreement of the aims and objectives of the pilots, the final session of the second day meeting identified partner resources required and the actions required by partners to proceed, resulting in a project plan for the next 6 month.