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EHST 2015 will be held in Rhodes

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EHST 2015 will be held in Rhodes on 17-18 September 2015    

Professor Maciaszek from CC S4S team has become the Chairman of the Programme Committee of the 9th International Symposium on e-Health Services and Technologies (EHST 2015). EHST focuses on e-Health services and their related technologies, with a particular stress on the modeling, delivery and use of complex e-Health technology-driven service-provisioning systems. Fundamental challenges related to e-Health services are to be addressed.

In 2015, EHST will be held in Rhodes, Greece  on 17-18 September 2015.

The symposium is organized by the international institute IICREST. Cooperating organizations are: AUTH– Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, CTIT– the U-Twente Centre for Telematics and Information Technology, and AMAKOTA Ltd.