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Independent Living Meeting in Leipzig

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On 26-28 December the CC S4S team was on a visit to Leipzig, where we took part in 3-days workshops with our partners from University of Leipzig, University of St. Gallen and University of Kassel. Our teams have been working together for several years in the context of joint research projects. Currently, cooperation concerns in particular the Independent Living project, the design and development of the service management platform and work on the ActGo-Gate project.

During 2-days workshop members of all teams gave speeches. The discussion was mainly focused on following topics:

  • current and new research projects
  • approaching research programs and related perspective
  • the experience gained during the Independent Living pilots and other running projectsthe possibility of gaining potential customers
  • directions of development of the various functions of IL platform
  • quality improvement of IL software and streamline the coordinated development and testing process
  • presentation of feature ideas
  • specification of different features / functionalities

The subject of the discussion was also the ActGo-Gate project in which both teams are involved. Our team was represented by Leszek Maciaszek, Wieslawa Gryncewicz, Maja Leszczyńska and Karol Łopaciński. Their presentation concerned the polish contribution to IL project. They presented our propositions and perspectives of research that we plan. In addition, they presented the key assumptionsrelated to the participation in the ActGo-Gate project.

Our participation and appearance in Lower Silesia – SaxonyInnovation Forum on Active and Healthy Ageing

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On 22 May 2014 members of CC S4S team took part in the important international conference active and healthy Ageing. The conference was organized by the Marshall Office of Lower Silesia.

The objective of the conference is to present initiatives and innovative approaches that are suited to tackle problems linked to demographic change. The conference aims at enabling elderly people to stay in their own home for as long as possible and to properly support chronically ill patients, especially in rural areas. Another objective of the conference is to enhance cooperation between regions and institutions that are concerned with active and healthy ageing. In this context, the cooperation between the Marshall Office of Lower Silesia and the Saxon State Ministry of Social Affairs and Consumer Protection is going to be introduced.

During the conference Tomasz Skalniak from CC S4S team presented his speech. The presentation concerned Appointment Coordination Systems of Independent Living platform.

Full agenda of the conference you can find here: