SS4SI Symposium on FedSCIS 2014 Conference

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SS4SI Symposium on FedSCIS 2014 Conference

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The First International Symposium on Service Systems for Social Innovation (SS4SI 2014) co-organized by CC S4S team will take place on 7 – 10 September 2014 in Warsaw, Poland. This event will be the significant part of this year’s edition of Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (FedCSIS 2014).

The growing importance of services in the modern economy has caused an increasing demand for research activities that will focus on the dedicated theories, methods and tools for designing software systems and applications supporting provision of ICT service solutions in general, and specifically for social innovation.

The term ‘social innovation‘ incorporate all kind of concepts, ideas, activities and tools that effect an invention that addresses a particular social need and stimulating economic growth.

In the age of information and massive connectivity, the main challenges of the developed world become delivering means and infrastructure for ICT-supported lifestyle management and providing innovative services to different groups of the society, tailored to their individual needs and demands.

Focusing on the changing needs of consumers in the digital age, the SS4SI Symposium will cover three broad subject areas that is: Social Innovation, Services for Society as well as Service Systems and Applications.

The SS4SI Symposium will accept regular papers and position papers. Anyone interested in taking part in the symposium please visit the to see more information. You can also find SS4SI on Facebook: